AcMP Planning

There is also a Planning module available in the AcMP Software package. This module is integrated within AcMP Office In the Work Orders we can indicate how much time we think each item (or the complete Work Order) will take to complete. It is than possible to assign the Work Order (drag-and-drop) to the engineers. In the planning summary we can check how much time we planned on aif we didn’t overYou can see per engineer and per day how many time we planned. Changing the planning is as simply done by drag-and-drop. We can also add items to the planning manually (i.e.: holidays) or plan recurring things (i.e.: a meeting on Monday morning every other week or Cleaning the hangar every Friday afternoon).

Key Features

Work with Planning groups Plan Resources and/or Personnel Work with colours Plan per Week or per Month Public/Bank Holidays See for Work Order in the Workshop/Hangar how they proceed and if they are still on planning (Only in combination with AcMP Workshop) Recurring items Weekly, Monthly, etc. and make exceptions See per Engineer/Resource how many hours you have planned on that day Indication if a day is correctly planned (Red/Green)


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